"You Can Because You Know You Can"


Greetings to you, my name is Guadalupe Vanderhorst Rodriguez. Recently, I was revising my resume and realized that I have so much life experience that would not be reflected in my resume. Then, I remembered Maureen Knapp, who interviewed me at Westside Federation Senior Supportive Housing in New York City, for the income certification position. 


During my interview, I explained all of the projects that I had developed and she looked at my resume and said, "I don't see this on your resume."I had not placed it on my resume because I was following the guidelines for writing a resume. 

Maureen Knapp, said, "Put everything on your resume.". So I decided to create a personal website that would showcase all of my life experiences. This website is created for you, who would like to learn more about me and my life accomplishments.